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send texts

send video

Send whatever type of text message your campaign needs. With RedWave you can send sms, mms, text, images, video, and links!

With Red Wave you can do more than just send text or links. You can send your campaign commercial or video recording straight to voter's phones!

live calls

You can call live voters with Red Wave's power dialer. Our call system allows you to call donors and voters and automatically leave voicemail messages.

automated calls

Red Wave allows you to schedule automated calls to the same voters you text. You can call with a message, or remind voters of upcoming events.



Ringless Voicemail Drops are a great alternative for campaigns hesitant to use "auto" or "robo" calls. You can send messages straight to their voicemail without having to ring or wait. 

Red Wave can fully integrate your campaign data so you won't need constant uploading and downloading. We update regularly and can integrate with multiple campaign platforms.



Don't just use Red Wave to call or text voters. Have your candidate dial for dollars using Red Wave. They can edit donor information, schedule follow ups, and track commitments.

Red Wave allows you to schedule automated follow up messages with donors or voters. You can craft a unique message or have our system send out simple reminders.

01. Blast SMS Send

We can send bulk and blast text messages for your Republican Campaign to any size list you might have.  If you need to get a text message out quick we can do it.

02. Two Way Text Messaging

You can do more than just send messages, your GOP campaign can reply and respond to voters in real time! Answer questions, track voters, and even take a poll.

03. Enhanced Video Texting

Text your GOP campaign commercial directly to voters or a personalized video message. Your Republican campaign can also send campaign pictures and links.

04. Edit and Tag Voters

With our two way text software, your GOP campaign can edit voter data in live time. Create your own tags, mark voters as moved, tag them as donors, or add them as supporters. 

05. Automated Voter Chase

After your campaign, your Republican campaign can schedule reminders within any time frame you select. Send thank you text messages or ask follow up questions via text.

Text Messaging

The Best Texting Options

Neon Waves

The Cleanest Voter Data Possible

Republican Voter Data

Chances are your Republican campaign or candidate doesn't want to be the 50th campaign to contact that one angry voter who has begged for the barrage of texts to stop.


With our safe send and removal service, you have access to our call campaign history where RedWave has automatically removed problem voters as well as bad numbers, voters who have moved out of state, as well as the option to mark people who have already voted so you don't waste money, time, and resources calling or texting people who won't or can't vote for you.

Mobile Communications


With Red Wave your Republican campaign can send, receive, and reply to every campaign text message your candidate or campaign sends.

Your campaign can safely unsubscribe or remove angry voters, engaging friendly voters, and answer actual questions from live voters.

Your campaign's unique local phone number can be used on all your collateral as a candidate phone that voters themselves can actually text, call, and leave messages.

Republican Text Messaging
GOP Texts
GOP Text Messages



After you send your message you are able to receive questions from voters

Once you receive a question or comment from a voter, you can reply to them with an answer.

see history

take notes

See all your history with that voter, when you contacted them, how, and their replies.

Add notes to actual voter data in live time. Record your thoughts or their responses.

Phone Operator








Republican Calls

With our fully integrated system, you can choose how to contact your voters and donors. Red Wave allows you to make live phone calls through the same portal as you send texts.


Voters can call back and even leave you a voicemail if you miss it. Keep track of your call history, see volunteer progress, and get all those important campaign stats all in one dashboard!

GOP Donors


Did you know that Red Wave allows your Republican candidate to upload their donor file and start dialing for dollars?

With Red Wave, your Republican candidate won't need outdated excel spreadsheets or scratch paper to take notes. 

Your GOP candidate can connect with donors, take notes, and schedule follow ups dates for call backs. 

You can also see the call and contact history, update their information, and even add in their business or professional history.

GOP Fundraising


Red Waves

premium features


Red Wave Command Center does more for your Republican campaign than just send messages or allow you to communicate with voters. Your GOP campaign can also edit voter data in live time and tag voters as supporters, undecided voters, and more. Your Republican candidate or campaign can also schedule automatic call backs or text message follow ups with voters or donors your campaign spoke with!

tag voters

edit contacts

Instantly Create Campaign Tags for your contacts.


Mark voters are supporters, undecided, donors, or DNC's, and clean phone records.

Edit your voter contact in real time and make changes.

Edit a name, address, email, or even a contact's political affiliation.

see history

integrate data

See which voter or donor you are calling.

View your contact history, donor capacity, or voter propensity in live time.

API or Zap right into your current campaign data.

Use your own data or let us pull the most updated voter history for you.


take notes

data cleanup

data updates

After you call or text a voter your Republican campaign can schedule automated follow ups.


Red Wave can send automated text reminders and you can schedule voter and donor call back dates.

Your GOP campaign can take notes, edit voter information in live time, and add specific donor information.

You can write in specific notes like their financial commitment or specific household notes.

With Red Wave, your GOP campaign has access to our internal DNC and bad voter lists. 

You won't call or send text messages to difficult voters who already indicated they're upset, moved, or deceased.

Red Wave updates voter information on a regular basis for your Republican candidate or campaign.

Our updates will both remove those who moved and add new voters in automatically so you don't have to worry about it!

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