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Red Wave Command Center


Red Wave Command Center was built for, and by, lifelong GOP campaign operatives.

We grew tired of consistent bad data, using multiple systems for different types of contacts, overused Excel spreadsheets, and constant uploading, downloading, and editing.

Our mission is to provide the Republican Party and our candidate's the best possible campaign tools available as well as help GOP campaigns increase voter contact and constituent engagement.

That's why Red Wave Command Center gives you the ability to integrate with just about any database, edit voter information in real time, and track your calls and texts, whether live or automated, from one central data hub. 

our mission:

decrease spam

Here's the deal:

Most vendors will tell you their deliverability is off the charts, but that doesn't mean voters actually see them.

Most vendors tell you they automatically remove upset or angry voters so you won't have to contact them again.

Those are only partially true.

The reality is that when a vendor gives you a send rate or makes a promise on "deliverability" all that means is that they sent your message. It doesn't keep the message out of spam filters or ensure voters actually see or read it. Worse yet, most vendors cycle multiple numbers to send your messages. This means that when someone unsubscribes, they unsubscribe from whatever number sent them the message. The next time you send one out, because your vendor cycles, it's likely that same poor voter you removed gets contacted again.  Same Campaign, just a different phone number! 

Red Wave Command Center's emphasis on two way text messaging starts with getting your campaign it's own dedicated campaign number that you can text and call from just like your own phone. We work directly with carriers to register a campaign number for you that properly identifies your campaign and increases your probability of actually getting those text messages read and your calls answered. 


Once you remove a voter, they're actually removed!

red wave is dedicated to

increase engagement

Sending spam text messages and leaving countless automated phone calls and messages tends to upset as many voters as it might interest (if not more).


None of those automated calls or text messages actually engage voters.

Red Wave Command Center's emphasis is not just on increasing the number of voters you send to, but on the amount of voters you actually engage with. Our goal is to help up your GOP campaign speak directly to live voters and increase your likelihood of gaining their vote. You'd be surprised how many voters who were turned off by what they considered to be spam messages turn around when they realize they can reply to a campaign and have them respond.

Think about it. How many voters can a candidate realistically talk to in a full day of knocking on doors? Why spend countless hours knocking on doors hoping to talk to a live voter when you can stay at home and have even more voters contact you directly? Our software allows you to answer voter questions, engage them on issues, and send them thank you repliesYou can even schedule automated future voter contacts and call back dates.


Red Wave Command Center allows you to work Smarter, not Harder! 

boost efficiency

No constant uploading and downloading.

No importing and exporting into and out of multiple campaign platforms!

No Paper.....No Spreadsheets.....No Post it Notes. 

Red Wave Command Center allows you to contact one voter, through one platform, but in multiple ways. You can integrate your candidate dialing for dollars with volunteer calls and candidate follow ups.


You create your own unique tags, take your own unique notes, and can view the entire contact history by method and by date. You're not just making a call or sending a text, you're automatically updating a contact. 

Red Wave Command Center helps you save time and resources by combining your campaign methods and integrating your campaign data. Your monthly membership includes things like pre tagged numbers as bad, moved, or upset, as well as regular data refreshing. We can add voters and remove them with each update without you having to do a thing.

Same your campaign time, money, and resources and sign up for Red Wave Command Center Today!

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